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Pierre Marcolini 成都太古里店     时间:2021-12-26 09:43  浏览:



Pierre Marcolini的新店位于繁华的成都太古里商圈,本次落成也是我们与Pierre Marcolini的第三次合作。客户希望这次店铺不仅提供巧克力及各类甜品的零售服务,同时也能让顾客在此落座休息,品味下午茶等。

The new store of Pierre Marcolini in Chengdu is located in the bustling TAIKOO LI shopping district. This is the third time that we have worked with Pierre Marcolini. The client wanted the store to provide not only retail services for chocolates and various desserts, but also a place where customers can sit and relax, enjoy afternoon tea.



店铺场地临街,现场有充足的挑高和足够开放的对外展示可能;平面则是规整的方形。店铺周边不乏各类国际高奢品牌和特色商铺。这次我们面临的挑战,是在保证Pierre Marcolini品牌调性的同时,充分发挥设计手段,使其在一众店铺中仍有令人耳目一新的独特性。


The site is located by the street, with sufficient height and open space to the public; the floor plan is a regular square. The surrounding area is full of international luxury brands and stores. The challenge is how we can maximize the use of design elements while keeping the brand identity of Pierre Marcolini, to ensure it will still have a refreshing uniqueness in the crowd of stores.








We reserved the height of space as much as possible. A monoblock curved marble divides the space into two service part which is used as the bar and sofa dining area. The wall and the original boundary form a logistical area. The curved marble wall blurs the sense of boundary of the space and brings a more fluid spatial experience. Geometric hole shapes of different sizes are embedded in the walls, which function as a display and passage. And by changing materials, they are transformed into part of the decoration. In other details, the backrest of the sofa in the dining area has a sinuous curve, echoing the overall lines of the space.






The visual focus of the whole space is the center island bar. The bar is made of Ariston white marble, with copper strips embedded, making it exquisite and orderly. Above the bar is a ceiling shape that cascades and gathers downward. The gradation of colors and the alternating use of different materials add a downward momentum to it, making it look like a ribbon, floating lightly.





By cutting the facade, the designer changed the direction of the entrance. The cut-out corner creates a mini porch space, which is our reply to the street nearby. It considers the aesthetics and eliminates the effects of bad weather. The other part of the façade uses a transparent through-height glass curtain wall with the fine margin red-bronze metal frame. In the dark tone surroundings, the interior makes the store become an unmistakable store along the street when the bright-warm lights come on.




在店内大片的大理石墙面上,红铜以及各种不同材质的金属的打磨与运用,或是各种精工细节工艺,无一不彰显着精品店的精致优雅,同时也契合Pierre Marcolini品牌Bean to bar 的理念。整体空间氛围与之前的Pierre Marcolini店铺形成统一,保留品牌特性,同时也强调了单个店铺的独特之处。


On the large marble walls in the store, the use of red copper and different metal materials, and the speculation of various finely crafted details, highlighting the exquisite elegance of the boutique, and are also in line with bean to bar which is the brand philosophy of Pierre Marcolini.

The overall space is unified with the previous Pierre Marcolini stores, preserving the brand's identity while emphasizing the uniqueness of stores.






项目名称:Pierre Marcolini 成都太古里店


设计团队:出口勉 冈本庆三 方雪妮 叶贝 李恒


主要材料: 墙面: 雅士白大理石/红铜色镀钛不锈钢/玻璃幕墙/双层彩色钢化玻璃

地面: 木纹地砖(品牌:Fs)/金属色釉面瓷砖/编织地毯(品牌:Wayflor)


摄影师:锐景摄影 —— 广松美佐江/宋昱明


project title: Pierre Marcolini in ChengduTAIKOO LI

Architecture Firm: okamoto deguchi design

Architect:  Deguchi Tsutomu/Okamoto Keizo/Fang Xueni/Ye Bei/Li Heng

Address: Chengdu

Completion: 2021.8 

Area: 87㎡

Main materials: Wall:ariston marble/red cooper titanizing Stainless Steel/ glass curtain wall/ 

double colored tempered-laminated glass

Furniture: wood finish(Fs)/glazed metallic tiles/ Woven carpet(wayflor)

Floor: red cooper titanizing Stainless Steel/ Color acrylic/ Mercerized paint/highlight baking finish/ Leather cushion 

Photo: Ruijing Photo ——Misae Hiromatsu\Song Yuming




odd设计事务所2015/2017/2019年荣获了安邸AD100奖“100位在中国最具影响力的国际建筑,设计精英”,2020年入围了英国restaurant&bar设计奖,入选TOP DESIGN 100 中国设计头条年签榜残影娱乐休闲设计奖。许多项目发表在著名的室内杂志《室内设计Interior Design》、《安邸AD》、《家居廊ElleDecoration》和《美好家园》,在设计网站“设计邦Designboom”、“印际”“Cool Hunting”和“谷德gooood”。


The development of media technology largely influences in changing our human activities.

We can communicate with others on the other side of the globe in an instant. It realizes global library or virtual traveling on the internet, enabling us to understand different culture and their society from any places in the world. As well, in the real world, we can easily experience different culture in the metropolitan cities.
The persistence of the single culture is not accepted on this situation.
Mutual understanding is one of most important abilities these days. We believe that design should be reflected from present human activities and enclosed environment. We appreciate their original culture on the process of design. However, in such a multi-cultural society, the design reflected directly from classic culture is not appropriate. We would like to pursue the contemporary interpretation of their culture by challenging to apply new technology and method through the urban, architectural and interior design project.

odd  received  AD 100 award "100 top architecture and design talents in China" in 2015, 2017 and 2019,in 2020 ,odd shortlisted restaurant&bar design awards,recived CHINA INTERIOR DESIGN ANNUAL TOP 100.  Many projects were published in well-known interior magazines 'Interior Design", "AD" ,"ElleDecoration" and " Better Homes and Gardens", and on design website "Designboom" ,:yinji” "Cool Hunting" and "gooood" .